February 2017

Dall Sheep and Moose Hunting in Alaska

For Dall Sheep with Pioneer Outfitters, our hunter success is very high and has often run 100% during August. The overall average for Pioneer Outfitters is a 35.5” curl with 13” bases on our rams….

Check Out This All White Albino Bull Moose

An all white albino bull moose is something most people defiantly don’t see everyday. This all white albino bull moose was seen and filmed by Leisha Camden in Värmland, Sweden back in 2012. After this check out this rare unicorn…

14 Year Old Tags Record Buck In Oklahoma

Micalah Millard, who is from Skiatook, Oklahoma was hunting with her father at the state youth hunt when she tagged this amazing buck. Micalah was hunting at their family ranch in McIntosh County. The official green score…