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Video: A Trappers Worst Nightmare

No trapper wants this to happen. While I was getting a red fox out of a trap alive, the fox escaped and got away. Video Source: Kendall Gray

When Coyotes Attack. IN MY FACE

A pack of angry coyotes run into point blank then all hell breaks loose. Tim lights em up with his 22. Hip shoots one after another!! “Smell their breath!” Video Source: Tim Wells Bow Hunter

Video: When Coons Attack

I was attacked while bow hunting not once but twice!! Make this sound if you want a coon snarling in your face. When they hear it they get pissed! I saw two coons fight so…

Video: Double Deer Morning

Double deer morning, reducing deer numbers for the landowner and donating to Hunters Helping The Hungry (our 4th donation this fall). Our donations are sponsored by, helping people in need at local food banks….